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Whatsapp Business Solution

Reach out to your customers on the most in demand chat application i.e WhatsApp and address them with customised offers, deals and discounts best suited for them

Chat Analytics

We give you a detailed analysis of behind the scene activity that is happening on your website. Our simple tool gives you a data visualization report that helps you understand the basics like the number of clicks/users who visited your website for a particular day, week or month (3 month record access). This enables you to tailor your pages/website accordingly.

Manage your online executives at your convenience

We assist you in managing the work timings of your executives dealing with your online customers as well as reviewing their activity. In simple terms you get to know whether/when your support staff is available/unavailable for the website users.

Why use ChatEngine?

Easy Integration on all platforms

Seamless Integration on all platforms

Embed our whatsapp ChatEngine into your website platform without making any changes in your system. No coding required

Compatible with all kinds of websites

Whether it be e-commerce, blog or personal website, you name it and our easy to use tool works wonder on all the platforms

Easy to understand dashboard

We have built the dashboard that is hassle-free and easy to understand for you. You can easily analyze the statistics for your website with the graphic representation on the dashboard

Unlimited Agents

We give you the feature of adding multiple whatsapp numbers and as many customer support agents as you want enabling you to handle the website visitors easily

ChatEngine Customisation

We understand that every website is unique and so we give you the liberty to set the ChatEngine icon that matches your website in terms of appearance, colour, text, position and style

Lightweight script

We ensure that our widget does not put additional load on your website and so we keep the size of our script to the minimum, giving your site the optimum performance that it deserves


We are offering 90 days free trail for users who signup before 15th April, 2021

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  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Analytics
  • Chat button and Widget customization
  • Premium customer support
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Frequently asked questions

ChatEngine is a simple tool that offers you a platform to interact with your customers by providing a chat widget option on your website. It enables the website visitors to connect with you over whatsapp instantly

We offer a 90 days free trial to our users. During this time-period you can enjoy all our premium features like chat analytics, widget customisation and unlimited agents

ChatEngine gives you the opportunity to connect with your online customers on whatsApp at the comfort of your original website. You get to increase your sales by reverting to the queries of your website visitors.Not only this, you get to analyse the general trend for your business through the analytics for the website and make changes accordingly

You can customise chat widget in accordance with your website by clicking on Chat Tab. You can change text colours, background colours, widget position easily

Analytics gives you in detail the number of visitors that visited the specific page of your website, the number that clicked on the whatsapp widget and the number which interacted with your online executives/ agents at the other end. You can observe the data on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis (valid for 90 days).